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For over 30 years Brown's Chimney's has been the trusted name in Dunedin and the wider Otago area for chimney cleaning, sweeping and repair services. We pride ourselves on providing you with a fast, economical service to extend the life and improve the function of your open fireplaces, flue systems, boilers, wood & coal ranges and wood & coal burners.

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About Us

Our Dunedin Chimney Sweep Heritage & Experience

Hello, we’re Brown’s Chimney’s. We’ve got over 30 years experience in being top Dunedin chimney sweep, fireplace, burner, boiler and range maintenance & servicing. We’re fully trained, qualified, certified Safety Work Kit NZ Members and we’re proudly locally owned and operated.

We’re much more than just do a Chimney Sweep! At Brown’s Chimney’s we’re also qualified and experienced woodburner installation specialists and service agents for woodburner reconditioning, woodburner general repair plus welding repair and parts maintenance. We also fit and supply a large range of new & used burner baffles, bricks and seals; and we can handle your flue system replacement requirements.

See us at Brown’s Chimney’s for chimney cleaning of all wood and coal burners, ranges, open fires and boilers using manual brush and Powerbrush cleaning methods; and further services in roof flashing replacement for burners, installation of compliant soaker tray flashing fitting and open fire brick cavity repairs and maintenance.
Ask about our free visual inspection of log burners with every clean, our free annual call-back service, log burner safety reports and our Pension Discounts.

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Brush & Vacuum

Be sure of a deep clean for your chimneys, fireplaces, boilers, burners and ranges with our expert services in both brush cleaning, Powerbrush cleaning and vacuum methods. View our Services page for more information or give us a call on 021 993 962 to discuss your cleaning needs.


All Solid Fuel Burners & Open Fires

No matter what you use to heat your home or business at Brown’s Chimney’s we’ve seen and cleaned it all and can assist you with a one-off clean or regular maintenance schedule to ensure you’re getting the right draw from your fireplace; and to save you fuel and money in future.


Full Installation & Repair Service to Log Fires

At Brown’s Chimney’s we can do so much more than just expertly clean your chimney! We’re also fully trained and qualified to install, repair and maintain your fireplace. Ask us about how we can assist you to achieve the optimum heating system in your home via maintenance or installation.

Brands We Sell

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Why should I have a chimney sweep?

The purpose of a our chimney sweep; is to remove soot, blockages and built-up creosote from your chimney liner, firebox, smoke chamber and damper. Creosote deposit build up can also reduce the draw of the fireplace and reduce efficiency costing you time and money as you use more of both to fuel your fire.

How often should I have a chimney a sweep?

While it depends on usage, generally your chimney, fireplace and vents should be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances; giving you the opportunity to clean, maintain and repair areas that need attention. If you have your chimney serviced by Brown’s Chimney’s you’ll be part of our handy annual call-back service to remind you when it’s time to service your fireplace, vents and chimney next year.

What type of fireplaces and chimneys do you clean and service?

At Brown’s Chimney’s we clean all types of all wood and coal burners, ranges, log burners, open fires and boilers. Plus as part of our cleaning services we can inspect and provide a safety report on log burner fires; and repair and maintain any areas that need attention in your open fire brick cavity.

When should I book in for a chimney sweep?

We’re pleased to assist you with your chimney cleaning needs year-round but as a guide; right after you’ve finished burning for the season give us a call to schedule your cleaning service. If soot remains in the chimney during the summer months the acidic creosote eats away at the chimney and creates an odour. Odour is mostly created with a mixture of moisture and creosote. A pro-tip: Autumn is our busiest season so make sure you book your service early to beat the rush when the cold temperatures strike!

Do you know Mary Poppins?

We are not able to reveal that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious information.

How long will my chimney sweep take?

Every chimney, open fireplace, wood burner, boiler, coal burner or log burner is different and requires specialised care and will take varied times to complete your chimney service. On average our cleans take about 45mins this is because we take pride in our work and do a thorough job.

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